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Foster Faces Update #1


Hello Reader,

So I don’t know if you guys been on Foster Faces the past couple days but there have been some changes to how the website look and operate. For example, the website is much faster and operating more effectively. Another big change to the website is instead of signing in the old fashion way with just hitting the login button, now users can sign in using Facebook. Someone came to me with a question and asked why when they hit the Facebook sign in it say’s Foster fces will receive…..and that’s because when I did my application with Facebook I couldn’t use the word faces because of their trademark. I could file for a name repeal but why go through so much problem when the company isn’t going to approve it anyway. For the people that have logged on Foster Faces, you might have seen a chat box in the corner of your screen which is a new feature that’s going to be up and running in the next couple of days. I’m just having some technical difficulties at the moment. Don’t worry guys, I’m still working on putting the scholarship board up so other foster youth could find resources for school, among some other things. Let me say that some of the biggest change is coming to Foster Faces app though. The app is going to have a new look and the features I mentioned above, so be on the lookout. Again if you have some suggestion or concerns just get in contact with me.

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