Running For Public Office


Hello Reader,

So I was doing my everyday activities like planning my weekend, reading the news, and so on when I read about how they were going to recall Major Tom Burret because of some things he’s done in an office. I thought to myself and said I know I would do good by my community if I was in office. Side note: I hate when I think about things like this because the thought won’t go away until I execute it. To tell you guys the truth I’m thinking about running for office, not now but soon. If I fail then at least I tried, but if I win then I would be happy because I know my community has a good leader. “Isaiah you doing too much” I heard that expression about a million times and maybe I am, but I’m doing what I want to do. I have a long journey ahead of me if I want to achieve my goals. Sometimes I wish that people would see things the way I do. To all my readers keep your support system strong because it hard going through life without it and I know this because I’m doing it. For a long time, I thought it was me but the reason why I have a hard time building up a support system is because of the people I talk to. Some people just not on the same level as you mentally. Some people only wanted to find out what I was doing for myself or even talking to me because it was politically correct. I’m not mad though because I can’t fix society. A friend of mine who I met in D.C said to me “Either people are going to support you or they not, so don’t let them issues work you up”. After she told me that I actually felt better because it was the truth. I wrote that last piece because I wanted to give you guys some insight in my life and I know it’s a little off topic about the foster care system but I just thought I’ll put it out there. I’m not going to let my personal problems interfere with me trying to connect the foster care system using social media. Have a good weekend.

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