Chicago Bill


Hello Reader,

So Chicago just proposed the new bill No Plan No Diploma. I look at the bill as another barrier for foster youth and other youth that live in the area because basically what the city of Chicago is saying if you don’t have a post-secondary plan after high school then you can’t get your diploma that you worked 4 years for. I feel that the bill will put more of a burden on the youth in the area because of the other requirements that Chicago has. For example, if I wanted to graduate from a high school in Chicago right now I would have to go to school for four years, of course, but then I will also have to do 40 hours of volunteer work and take the additional science courses in order to graduate. I don’t support the bill because I don’t think someone should be forced to enter the job market or join the military or even go to college. I think the government is going a little too far with trying to control people’s life’s and they should let that decision be the high school grads. If you want to read more about this story here is the link: No Plan No Diploma

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