A family adopts seven siblings separated in foster care


Hello Reader,

Most of us in the foster care system always hear about how a set of siblings getting separated from one another, but we rarely hear how a set of sibling’s getting reunited. I came by the story online and I thought it’ll be a pretty cool story to blog about. The couple always knew that they wanted to adopt a kid, but not seven at once. The couple heard about the separation on Thanksgiving day, and after they heard about the kids’ story they turned to each other and said: “Why not”. We as a community (Foster Care System) need to promote more stories like this because the foster care system could use some more positivity. I could also say the foster care system could use more people that are willing to accept seven siblings, but of course, that’s going to take time. Continue to spread the positivity and don’t give up fighting for what’s right. If you want to read more about this story the link is: Family Adopts Seven Siblings

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