Senate Bill 213 (Former Criminals to become Foster Parents)

Sente Bill 213

Hello Reader,

Holly Mitchelle of Los Angeles proposed the senate bill 213, which would allow former criminals be foster parents. Holly stated the senate bill 213 is part of a broader effort to reduce the use of group homes for foster kids and place more with relatives. The California Welfare Director Association and Los Angeles County are backing the bill because they believe the bill would fast track some background reviews, and it would allow kids to be placed with family on an emergency basis. The Senate bill 213 is a stepping stone to eliminating the foster care system. Everyone makes mistakes in life including yourself, but if it happened 10-20 years ago, then that mistake should be forgotten, and that person should be allowed to have his or her niece despite what happen years ago. If you want to know more about this story here is the link: Senate Bill 213

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