From Foster Care to White House


Hello Reader,

Meet Mickey Ibarra, a political veteran who climbed from humble beginning in salt lake city to an advisory position in the white house. Mickey Ibarra is a former foster youth, and for the first 15 years of life, him and his brother were without a traditional family. Mickey and his brother David move to Utah to be with their father when they were 15 years old, and from their father, they learned the value of hard work. Mickey stated, “The decision to leave Utah, reuniting with my father, was a game changer for both David and I.” Mickey also stated, “Doing so gave us the opportunity to gain self-awareness and help us find the identity missing in our life’s. Personally, I love stories like these because as a former foster youth I need to know that there’s hope for me, but if you want to know more about Mickey story here is the link: From Foster Care to White House

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