Chicago and the First NFYI Movement Building Intestive in the Midwest

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Hello Reader,

First, let me start by saying sorry for neglecting you over the past week. I know some of you been waiting for something to read and let me say I been running out of things to write about, but those days are now over with. Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for the first ever Movement Building Intestive(MBI) with the National Foster Youth Institute(NFYI), and experience Chicago for the first time. The NFYI is a non-profit that aim to transform the child welfare system and vastly improve the outcome for foster youth by empowering the youth, and their families. It was a long and tiring weekend, but it was worth it because I gain a lot of skills, and knowledge to help build the movement. Throughout my time in Chicago, me and two other people were representing Wisconsin and some of the things we would talk about to the other individuals that represented their states were the key issues that are affecting Wisconsin child welfare system, but that was the beginning of a long weekend. My favorite part about the MBI was the panel from the Los Angeles NFYI leadership core. They talked about a numerous of things, but my favorite being proposal HHH and measure H. Proposal HHH is a bill that brings awareness to the homeless population and on Nov 8 the people of Los Angeles passed the 1.2 billion dollar proposal to fix the homeless situation by building 10,000 homes for the homeless. Measure H is a proposal that was passed by the people of Los Angelos to prevent homelessness and provide services to the people that are. Another thing that was talked about on the panel that was interesting was Ab-12. Ab-12 is a bill that extends foster care to the age 21 and helps out foster youth who’s having a difficult time re-entering care. If you want to know more about these bills here are the links: Measure HHH, Measure HAb-12. Will I ever go back to Chicago? No. Will I ever go to another MBI? Yes. I won’t go to Chicago anymore because it’s a mess. Chicago is just too big for me, with their congested streets, congested sidewalks, and their high prices for everything. If there’s ever another MBI hosted in Chicago, then I’ll be willing to go back, but until then people that live in Chicago won’t ever see my faces again.

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