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Hello Reader,

My name is LBIsaiah Kirkland, but people just call me Isaiah just to make their lives easier, which I don’t mind because I actually prefer Isaiah. Just to give you all a little background I spent nearly six years of my life in the foster care system and recently became an advocate for youth that’s currently in the system about two years ago. I have been wanting to make a difference in the foster care system for a very long time but didn’t know how and I might have found my calling through social media. I’m 22 years old and want to make a difference in life. I’m always striving to become a better person than I was yesterday. The purpose of the blog is to keep my readers informed about the everyday activities that are going on in the foster care system and to put awesome people in the spotlight. Don’t forget to sign up for fosterfaces.com which is a social media platform for current and former foster youth.