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Missouri Governor to Reverse Cuts to Foster Care Families

Governor of Missouri

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Governor Eric Greitner on Thursday said he reversing cuts to foster-care families that he approved at an earlier day. Governor Eric Greitner called the cuts a “Mistake”. Sluggish revenue growth and rising healthcare cost were the governor’s reason why signing the bill in June. A spokesman for the governor’s office said $370,00 in general revenue needed to avert the 1.5 percent cuts to foster-care payments is coming from savings expected to come from moving children more quickly to permanent homes. I think the governor must have received some backlash on the cut and that’s why he quickly reversing the cut. I don’t why he did what he did, but the foster care system could always use more money and for him to try to take it away was the wrong move. If you want to know more about this story here is the link: Missouri Governor Reversing Cuts to the Foster Care System