Opioids and How It’s Affecting the Foster Care System

the bad about foster careHello Reader,

Let’s just be honest and stay that the opioid crisis is putting a strain on the national foster care system. Foster care experts are saying that over the past two years another rush of foster youth has entered the system. Experts are saying that from 2012 to 2015 the number of youth in the foster care system increased by 8%, and some believe it because of the widespread and growing abuse of opioids even though the data isn’t concrete. I think we could all agree that today at this very moment the state budget is being stretched, social workers are overload, and not enough families are willing to provide children with temporary homes. We have to fix the system somehow. Read how the opioid crisis has affected this 1-year-old and what the foster family is doing to help her. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/the-opioid-crisis-is-straining-the-nations-foster-care-systems/2017/06/30/97759fb2-52a1-11e7-91eb-9611861a988f_story.html?utm_term=.b439fb719f57

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2017 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program



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Hello Reader,

This post goes to everyone that attended the 2017 Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Program including the staff. I want to thank you for the fun experience and I hope all of you achieve your goals. I have never been around a group of smart intelligent people like you guys and I want you to know that. I hope someday we could all link up for a day to catch up, but the possibility of that happen might be slim especially with all the positive things we have going on. After I met some of you and found out what you were doing I was kind of shock that some of you were able to take four days out your schedule to attend the program. Again, continue to fight for what is right and don’t forget ‘we our own network’. Foster Faces is still available for you guys to sign up if you want to stay connected on our platform.

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Foster Faces


Hello Reader,

Did you know that the foster care system now has its own social media platform? It’s called Foster Faces and it’s basically a facebook, but for the foster care system. The idea came to me around Christmas of 2016 when I was at a Christmas party that’s held by a non-profit for foster youth called Lad Lake. It started when I didn’t know anyone at the party except the members of the Wisconsin Youth Advisory Council and I said how can I change that, so that’s when I came up with the idea Foster Faces. Foster Faces is a social media site where foster youth can share their experiences with each other and possibly build a network. In the next couple months, Foster Faces has some upgrade coming, so be on the lookout for that and there is an app available for Andriod and Apple. It’s free to sign up, but I ask from everyone to keep the site clean of negativity because we all went through different things in life.

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Foster Care System Blog

Hello Reader,

I started The Foster Care System blog just to keep readers updated on what’s going on throughout the foster care system. I believe that’s important for us, as a community, to say connected on multiple platforms. I want to give everyone that’s a part of the foster care system updated news while putting wonderful people in the spotlight. If you think you deserve to be in the spotlight please comment below.